About Us

Dear guests and friends of the historical bratwurst restaurant “Zum Gulden Stern”


It is our firm belief that you deserve first-rate quality when you come to dine and enjoy a drink at our restaurant. The employees of the historical “Bratwurstküche” completely avoid convenience foodstuffs, which means:
Our authentic Nuremberg grilled sausages are produced to an age-old recipe by the city’s butchers and (without first boiling them in water or pre-frying them) we grill them freshly over a beechwood fire until they are cooked. We make our soups daily from scratch using potatoes, soup greens, bones and beef. Our potato salad is freshly prepared every day with potatoes sourced from farmers in Nuremberg’s renowned Knoblauchsland market farming area.


The Sauerkraut is the real thing produced by a local family (the Wehrs) in the Aischgrund region. They cultivate, shred and process the Sauerkraut and supply it in vats. By boiling and refining it, and adding melted pork lard, we give it an exquisite taste.

The Knoblauchsland farmers also supply our vegetables, potatoes, horseradish roots and lamb’s lettuce, the cream horseradish comes from the company Schamel in Baiersdorf where it is produced to a 150 year-old recipe and the Franconian wines we serve are bottled by the Fürstlich Castell‘sche Domänenamt, while others are sourced from the Bernhard Völker vineyard in Kitzingen.

It is very important to us that the family-run businesses in the region supply us.


The staff of our historical bratwurst restaurant would like to wish you a “bon appétit” and hope you enjoy your dining experience with us!